The collection of wedding dresses 2017 by MaryBella

Wedding dresses collection 2017-Sicily

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New collection of bridal dresses by MaryBella Company

MaryBellaCompany has produced new charming collection of wedding dresses. The best designers’ ideas and the freshest trends of fashion have been combined in our new line of bridal dresses. We have realized in our collection the latest fashion news with adding of personal vision of MaryBella Company stylists. This combination gave us fantastic results, so this collection can be characterized with the bright impressing of individuality. It was highly valued by many partners of our brand and by many brides, who are looking for the best wedding dress for wedding celebration. So, what elements of our collection have attracted many people? We think that great freshness and originality in comparison with other brands of wedding fashion have made our collection very special.

Wedding collection peculiarities and general trends of fashion

Young company MaryBella, which was founded not much time ago, hired really professional and talented specialists of wedding business and creative designers, which helped us to insert our own rules on fashion market. That gave us a good result in a view of exclusive wedding dresses collection of 2017. Our designers didn’t limit themselves with creating of one style and cut. Therefore our wedding dresses collection is full of variety of bridal dresses. Each client will be able to find in our wedding dresses line different kinds of models, such as “Mermaid” wedding dresses, which are very popular now. However, modern skinny wedding dresses differ from models, which we saw on fashion shows some years ago. They were uncomfortable and it was really hard to sell them at wedding salons, because many brides were looking for comfortable ones. However, times of uncomfortable “Mermaid” wedding dresses have already gone. Our skinny wedding dresses, which can emphasize beauty of bridal figure and give lightness and style have become a real hit of current season by MaryBella Company. There is no discomfort and charge, no squeezes and preventing of moves. These dresses will give you grace, beauty and perfection. In the same time we offer more common kinds of wedding dresses for real ladies. Fluffy wedding dresses of 2017 are actual too. Designers decided combine them with bright accents and dress train of great impression. Chic is highly demanded by many brides. Therefore, we offer to delight of our chic production.

Fashionable details for brides

Our collection of 2017 is full of lacy luxury. It gives to each wedding image some tenderness and perfection. However, other world designers and famous brands of wedding fashion have some influence on popular trends. For example, semi-transparent parts of wedding dresses look very special in the current season. Light shawls, which can be attached on shoulders of bride, can look like additional skirt or dress train. It is very bright novelty of our collection. There is one more important thing. We know that each woman will be able to find the best kind of wedding dress for her, which will emphasize her real beauty in a day of wedding celebration.