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Modern wedding veil

At all times a veil was a symbol of a wedding look. Nothing changed for today, despite the fact that modern brides can choose among a huge number of unique and interesting headdresses. Being a symbol of purity and innocence, a veil at the same time, according to legends, protects young lady from evil glances casted by foes. Perhaps, therefore, many girls still supplement their wedding look with a veil, and not with a diadem or a wreath.

Veil and modern bride look

In the past, the main requirement in choosing a veil was its length, because girls believed that the longer the accessory, the happier their family life would be. Nowadays, the key idea is that it is harmoniously combined with the bride's dress:

  • a strict classic outfit can be perfected by a simple symmetrical veil;

  • romantic style requires softness;

  • a simple modest headdress will suit a richly decorated dress;

  • a laconic outfit will transform under a luxurious sophisticated accessory.

In their turn, designers of "Marybella" presented a stylish collection of modern veils, which you can choose to complete any wedding attire. Pay special attention to an accessory of medium length, it can be recommended for almost all the modern wedding dress silhouettes. This model looks especially impressive with a strapless dress. A long veil is presented in different versions in this collection, so if you buy wedding veils in Ukraine from our website, you will be able to satisfy requests of each customer of your boutique. Whether it's a "cathedral", "waltz" or "mantilla" veil - all these variants of a truly elegant and romantic accessory will be a wonderful decoration for your wedding boutique.

Any wedding veil can be found wholesale in the city of Chernivtsi on the official website of "Marybella" at prices you will be pleasantly surprised with.