For the first time on our site, veils from the new collection!

For the first time on our site, veils from the new collection!

Extra beautiful, delicate and light wedding veils are presented for the first time on the website of "Marybella"! They are real pieces of art from our designers! Masterpieces which emanate luxury, grace and fashion! Pieces, which will become the final touch in the impeccable bridal image! From now on, our customers can choose not only wedding and evening outfits, but also buy wedding veils wholesale directly in the online store of their favorite manufacturer.

Veil fashion trends from the manufacturer "Marybella"

The collection of wedding veils includes a variety of models, differing in length, width, style and trimming. Each of them has been thought through to the smallest detail, and will harmoniously complement a wedding dress. Of course, the most successful solution is when a bride's headdress is chosen for a dress made by us, in this case, the maximum similarity in fabrics and decorations is guaranteed.

See the new veils collection dominating trends.

Two-tiered veils with length to the tips of fingers and to the knees. These are the most common options, preferred by many brides because of their practical length. They are easily combined with any wedding dress, because they have a universal style and trimming. Brides will surely look gorgeous and splendid in their dresses!

Mantilla veil with a lace edging will add a romantic and touching effect to the image. This model requires a specific and reliable fastening, so this can affect the hairstyle complexity. It should not be used if you plan a high hairdo, but with smooth hair, coils and curls, it will look perfect.

Waltz veils with delicate floral patterns along the entire length or edging of guipure will suit brides who choose dresses without trains. They perfectly suit mermaid and A-line dresses. They gently wrap a bride almost down to the floor and therewith slenderize her.

Chapel veil made of organza and chiffon, decorated with large appliqués, is suitable if the dress has a train. Since its length reaches more than two meters, it best suits official wedding ceremonies. It flows down along the train and spreads on the floor, which must be taken into account when choosing the celebration venue. Any standouts in the venue can make loose stitches that affect the dress appearance.  But the delicacy of models of such a veil type will meet all expectations!>