Wedding veils: fast facts

Wedding veils: fast facts

Role and importance of wedding veils

For a long time veils have had a sacred meaning and have been considered a very strong amulet. They protected brides from unkind eyes, and only their grooms or fathers could open it. In our time, a veil is just a tribute to good traditions, but few believe in its power now. Although the classic bridal image is unimaginable without this tender headdress, it most likely performs an aesthetic and decorative function. It is worth considering that, if the wedding is to take place in the temple, the head of a bride must necessarily be covered. And a veil is the best thing to play this role.

What are wedding veils and how to choose?

When you decide on an attire with a veil, you face another problem – which one to choose among all the variety? Remember that the first thing to buy is a wedding dress, while a veil should harmonize and complement it as much as possible for the purpose of creating a single and complete image. If the dress is elegantly decorated, the style of the headdress should be minimalistic, and vice versa. Trimming and appliqués must match the type of fabric and patterns on the dress, to not cause an expressive contrast.

In a wedding salon, you will usually be offered several types of veils, differing in length and design. They can be:

  • 65 cm to several meters long (a shorter veil is called an eye veiling, not a veil),
  • single-layered (round form) to two-, three-layered (cascade form),
  • with edging and without (a universal option, suitable for any attire),
  • without decoration and decorated with appliqués, beads, embroidery, 3D elements, etc.
  • made of such fabrics as tulle, tulmarine, less often – lace.

Many manufacturers produce collections of veils designed for collections of wedding dresses.  Such a set will surely make a bridal image perfect.

What can replace a wedding veil and is it necessary?

Weightless and snow-white wedding veils remain the main headdress of Ukrainian brides for many years. But times change, views change, and modern fashion, sometimes, shifts or forces out the classics. This situation is also typical for veils – they were replaced by a variety of alternatives. Luxurious hairstyles decorated with headbands, diadems and tiaras, flowers and feathers, have become irreplaceable elements of wedding images. Some girls who pay tribute to tradition, combine a hairdo and a veil, others, in spite of everything, refuse it and prefer accessories.


Not every wedding is a wedding rite, but many sacral things are associated with a veil. For example, a young girl dances around her unmarried girlfriends, putting a veil to their heads, so that they can get married as soon as possible. The right to take off a veil is given to the groom or mother-in-law, which means admission to a new family. Thereafter they tried to keep a veil carefully, because it is believed that it acquires healing power during the wedding and becomes a talisman for the family. And nowadays we can often see how mothers are covering babies' cribs or carriages with their veils.

Of course, it is up to the bride to decide what will be her image. But nothing is capable of replacing that effect and that harmony that is formed by a veil!

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