How to choose the best kind of a wedding dress?

How to choose the best kind of a wedding dress?

Many women from the childhood dream about a beautiful wedding dress. However in the time of bridal dress choosing before a wedding celebration, many of them spend much time for choosing of the best model of a wedding dress.

In the period of wedding dress buying, usually many brides go from one wedding salon to another, look through many wedding catalogues and log on to websites. In some cases searches finish with real nerve storm, when a bride cannot make a right choice. However, each woman can avoid of this distressing situation. How to choose a wedding dress, which will become a real wedding decoration and a good kind of wedding memory?

A color of women’s dream

Slavic nations have many different traditions and prejudices, which are connected with wedding dress color. A legend says that in a time, when a girl marries in the first time, she has to choose a white kind of a wedding dress. If she marries in a second time, she has to choose a red bridal dress. However, in reality, ancient Slavic traditions are not the same and they have some another meaning. According to Slavic tradition, in ancient times each young girl had to choose a red wedding dress. People thought that this color will protect her from evil people’s sights. Everybody knew that red wedding dress was able to bring long and happy matrimonial life. We recommend do not believe to different signs and superstitions. The best variant is to choose the best wedding dress, which will be the most suitable for a bride. It has to satisfy her tastes of fashion and make her style and view really beautiful and attractive. Nowadays, many designers offer different kinds of colors in a wedding dresses production. Therefore, each bride will be able to make a good choice from a big bridal dresses assortment.

An ideal wedding dress length

Another legend says that a length of happy married life depends on a length of a wedding dress. However, it is not a real fact. If a wife and a husband are not tolerant and patient to each other, and they have not other required streaks of their characters, a length of a bridal dress will not help to their relations. Each bride has to pay her attention to her body type. She can open her legs or hide them if they are not attractive. A kind wedding celebration has to be considered too. If a wedding event will be very official, we recommend choosing long wedding dress. In another cases it can be shorter with a modern style.

Bride’s figure type is one of the most important criterions of choice 

Many people recommend in Internet to define a figure type and after that to choose the most suitable kind of a wedding dress. If your body type is like an hourglass, please choose a “Mermaid” cut of a wedding dress. Those women, who have wide shoulders and thin hips, have a chance to buy Greek bridal dress. Many women cannot define their real figures types and it is the biggest problem. Many women think that their figures are ideal or some of them in a time of looking to the mirror see to many defects of their bodies, which are not important in a real life. The most useful advice is not to go from one extreme to another. You have to take tape measure and to measure your real body parameters. When you will get all sizes of your hips, shoulders, waist and bust, you will be able to recognize you real figure type. After that you will be able to make a right decision, which will be connected with you future bridal dress choosing. Each bride knows that choosing of a wedding dress is a really important thing. Therefore, in this process you have to be objective and have clever sense self-criticism.