About us

About us

The MaryBella company has recently appeared on wedding markets, but it is ready to surprise all our current and future clients.

Founders of new brand are experienced professionals, who know everything about stylish and fashionable wedding dresses. They have 10 years of successful work and in front of them there are many genius ideas and right decisions.

Many creative designers talented tailors work in our company and during manufacture process use the newest modern technologies. They work in one close work team and everyone of them loves his work, which he does. We highly value a high-quality of our production, which we produce. Therefore we use the best materials from the most reliable suppliers. Exclusive fabrics and furniture, modern manufacture a great talent and some efforts are giving a good result, which we try to reach.

In this way we create our wedding dresses, which satisfy many of brides from all over the world. Each designer knows that almost all requirements to wedding dresses are similar of many brides. Each woman wants to find a bridal dress of her dream, but not all of them know that it can be a wedding dress by MaryBella.

What is our secret? A good-working manufacture, qualified workers and invariable aspiration to perfection are making us ones of the best. Our company was built on these simple things and it really works! From year to year we develop our business, hire young and perspective specialists, increase rates of manufacture and use modern technologies and ideas. A harmonious work process is an important thing too.

From this moment you know everything about our manufacture and you have a chance to convince in it. Each wedding dress by MaryBella is a real element of pride of our company.

Be sure that on this website you will be able to find the best wedding production for your wedding salon. The most important critics of your offers are future brides, who will estimate a variety of different stylish shapes, colors and cuts of wedding dresses in your wedding salon. However, a special approach of our designers to each wedding model individually will satisfy each woman. They will see specialty in small, but very expressive details, which were added to each bridal dress.

Develop your business together with our company and you will be able to satisfy your clients with exclusive wedding dresses by a reliable manufacturer!